Sep 30, 2009

Modern Elegance!

I added a beautiful & modern necklace and earring set to my shop tonight. This set is just eye catching and very gorgeous. It's modern but yet elegant at the same exact time. This set is definitely something that, I think, would be a great asset to your jewelry collection!! It's made with an artistic and modern pendant for the necklace and focal bead for the earrings. The pendant/focal beads are frosted, but they have that black and white look that is so popular! (I know I love black and white!) The purple that is splashed here and there in small glass beads and round beads (in the earrings) really make the set POP! It really is the thing that catches someone's attention and draws them to your earrings or necklace. The necklace can be adjusted before shipment to fit your size/length needs and if you would like to swap out the faux crystals for swarovski crystals, that is also available. (Free of charge!!)

I can't believe I had the chance to list something tonight. LOL My day was so busy. We finally got Alayna's party booked at Chuck E. Cheese for Friday. I am excited and I can't wait for the party! I believe this is going to really be something Alayna remembers. Especially since she actually understands the concept of a party this year! LOL Hopefully, her cousins will be able to come. I got in contact with my sister today and e-mailed my brother about this, so I hope they do come.

I really gotta get to bed since I have ANOTHER full day tomorrow. :D