Sep 29, 2009

This week is a loss!

This week is pretty much a loss for anything Etsy related. I was trying to get something done a day plus advertising, but I don't see how I can do that this week. Yesterday and today we are in Staten Island looking at houses and after that, we have to look for a new place for Alayna's birthday party. Alayna wanted to have her party (so badly) at Roller Jam USA. And I agree, that would be the perfect place. It's just I cannot afford her party there. It's $299 and right now, I'm fighting with my former boss for my money and my child support is being held up because the lovely NJ Child Support agency has a new rule that I cannot get more than $300 per month in total. (Which is fucking bullshit if you ask me.)

So, now I'm stuck with $100 to: Get Alayna at least 1 birthday present, Figure something else out for her party -- Even having it here will cost me for things, Balloons for the front of the house (at least one), and a cake. I guess because the child support agency wants to have their own stupid rules, I have to tell my daughter... "Ok Alayna...I have to hold your birthday party up two weeks and you can't eat either because THEYRE holding the money." Bullshit bullshit bullshit. I'm so sick and tired of it. So I'm screwed. I'm having to borrow money from my grandmother again and I don't want to. I just started crying hysterically because I can't do that. I just want to have one fucking present for my daughter and give her a good birthday party. I try to do everything for her, being a single mom, and I feel like I fail terribly. :(


it's all about meeeee said...

Feed your children. They won't remember their birthday parties or their gifts. I KNOW. I can only remember one or two presents that I received as I was growing up, and those were from when I was much older than Alayna.