Sep 3, 2009

How I love you, my digital camera.

I have come to realize this one thing by browsing Etsy and selling there for almost a year: Pictures and presentation of your merchandise is the KEY to a successful business. That is especially the case if you are almost solely selling online as I am. The [potential] customer needs to really see the piece and get a feel for what it really is and how it is really going to look before purchasing.

Looking at some of my older pictures from a year ago when I first started selling, I now realize that they were not up to par. AT ALL! I'm getting a lot better with staging for merchandise photos and now I have "models" for my jewelry that make all the difference. Tonight I shot some new photos of my fall merchandise I am going to be adding; I love my photos. I had to take numerous photos and out of the 10 pictures of each piece, I probably will have 1 or 2 each when I weed through them -- however they're great and I believe they will help sell my products. :)

Just remember -- photos are KEY!! If your merchandise is not selling, look at your photos and put yourself in a customer's shoes. See if you would really purchase the item with photos that are cluttered, uncreative or unclear.