Sep 15, 2009

More new items!

I'm on a roll now! :D I updated with two new items! I am really trying to experiment on different times to list new items to see if there is a pattern in upped views or sales. There are people who swear by different times of the day as the "ideal" listing time. Once I find out which seems to be the best, I will write about it. Who knows, maybe there isn't even a "ideal" listing time.

From My Heart necklace

Fall Leaves Charm necklace

These two pieces are great for fall or really any occasion. They would be ideal with formal wear or informal wear with jeans and a t-shirt. The descriptions can be seen in the Etsy listings themselves. (Click on the title under the picture.) They're very close to my heart and I love the necklaces.

*Both of these necklaces are also ideal for bridal wear. I actually had a bride inquire about my Fall Leaf necklace. The From My Heart necklace would be perfect for a bride because of the beautiful sparkly pearlish white tones in it and the silver. If you are interested in these for your special day or any other special occasion, please note in the order and if there is anything that you would like added or tweaked, I will be more than willing to help you.*

I had another sale today and I have a potential sale coming up, actually. I feel like I am finally doing something right. I have been posting on the Etsy boards more than I had in the past as well as actually updating my Twitter and Facebook Fan Page. (Please add me as a fan if you have not already. My twitter followers as well as Facebook Fans have special give aways as well as discounts for the shop.)

Today was a special day when I went to pick Alayna up from school. She had a
beautiful little necklace around her neck when I got there to pick her up. She proceeded to tell me that it is for me and that she made it. Her teacher said that she told her class her mommy makes jewelry for a living and also said that she wants to be just like me and make jewelry. :) She is having a much better time at school and is actually relaxing and making new friends. She told me that she told all of her friends about her birthday party and invited them. Now, it's my turn to find out who her friends are so I can actually write them invitations. lol Getting any information out of a (almost) 4 year old is like pulling an alligator's teeth! I'm just happy she is adjusting and now is starting to like school. She is realizing that school is not about playing and having fun, it is about learning and becoming smarter. :) She's a smart girl to begin with!

More items to come tonight as well as posting a brand new FACEBOOK & TWITTER GIVEAWAY!! (Maybe a Blog giveaway too!)


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

I love the fall leaves design! I'd definitely wear that :)

Pretty blog!


Lexa Levine said...

the top necklace is really pretty.