Sep 9, 2009


This blog has just been a side thing for me since I have my main blog ( and my Etsy site where I post most of my items. However, I have seen so many amazing blogs and so many amazing artists, I want to revamp everything and start a new blog concept. Artist Features & Giveaways!

I have wanted to do giveaways for quite a while now, but I haven't had the time to really put my all into getting things worked out. However, I have gotten items done for giveaways. Tonight I will be posting my first giveaway and I'm excited to do so. I will mostly be posting giveaways of my own items as well as items of my friends' for giveaways.

If anyone wants to be a featured artist on my blog, please convo me on Etsy or e-mail me at I would love to start featuring some talented artists. :)