Sep 16, 2009

Posted new items today!

I am so exhausted that I am about to fall over. I am 100% serious. I'm sitting at my computer and actually squinting because I can barely see. Yet I listed two new items and may list one more tonight. *yawn* The exhaustion is terrible!

This morning was hell. I don't know what had gotten into Alayna, but she did anything she could to let me let her stay home. I was having no part of that. I played the "I'm sick", "Kids hate me", "Teachers hate me", etc... games. I know all of the tricks to make your mom or dad let you stay home. Hell, I was the QUEEN of it when I was a kid. She's trying to trick the wrong person. lol We got to school and she screamed in the car, she screamed walking to the door, she screamed in the school, she screamed in the class room. All because she wanted to stay home with her sister. She kicked me in the stomach, screamed she hated me, anything she could. In the class room she still screamed even though the other kids were looking at her. I finally got her to calm down telling her I would stay there as long as I could and I would play the game that they were playing. I sat there for about 10 minutes before she got very distracted and didn't notice I left. She was fine the entire day.

Mom, Olivia and I went to rummage sale at a church in Staten Island. We had a great time and I found some awesome things. They had $6 bags which you filled to the brim with anything you wanted. I got two bags and did just that. I filled them to they were overflowing! I found some great toys for the kids, some amazing vintage things that I never knew existed, picture frames, kitchen things, books, purses, etc... Tons of things that I can use for my shop!! I'm excited and will definitely organize them tomorrow and put them in my soon to be studio!

I would love to write more but I'm now asleep. lol Tomorrow is a busy day, I will write when I can. :)


cabin + cub said...

Cute blog! And your etsy shop is really cute too! ;)
My mom made me go to school even though I tried all the excuses too. ;)

it's all about meeeee said...

she hasn't discovered holding the thermometer on the light bulb has she?