Sep 17, 2009


GBVintageSupplies has featured my Sunset Silouhette mini painting in a TREASURY!!! View it here. I am so excited to hear that! It is a huge honor to be in a treasury. This is my second time in one and I am so excited. This is especially an honor since it is one of my acrylic paintings. Painting, sketching and fine art have always been a huge passion of mine, especially since I majored in that in college! I am so excited. (Have I said that before?)

I am not sure if I am going to get to list anything until late tonight because of the fact that I am going out tonight to dinner with a friend in New York City and then probably going to sleep when I get home. Tomorrow is all filled with the preparations for myself and my kids for my daughter's aunt's wedding tomorrow night. I'm getting my hair done (curled) in the morning and I'm sure tomorrow we will think of things that we have forgotten! lol I am praying my car makes it.

When I was on my way to Old Navy this afternoon, my air conditioning just stopped working. Just completely stopped working!!! I tried to blast it, tried to turn the car off and finally started working again when I got on the high way and started accellerating. It wasn't actually only the air conditioning, it was everything that had to do with it. It was not that it was just not cold, the thing wouldn't even start to put the defroster on OR the heat! I'm happy it started working again, but I'm nervous about my car possibly stalling now.

I will try to list more items tonight, but for now, go view the new items I have added yesterday!


it's all about meeeee said...

well, gee!!! That damned car!!