Sep 22, 2009

Pissed off and new items.

I posted some new items today that I am very proud of. Actually, I am proud of all of my items. Some pictures of my items are above in my pretty little banner I made. :) I actually listed some of my new bath and body line today. I listed Pomegranate Message Bar, Passion Fruit Bath Salts and my Large Fall Sample of Vanilla Sugar Bath Salts! Sadly, my labels haven't come in yet for my full size bath salts, so I had to list them without the labels. When they send, I will have the labels for the jars. :) They've actually been in high demand, but now that I finally posted them, I have views but no sales. GRR!! lol In time, In time, I know!! I actually love the scent of all of my items. My bath salts are made with HydroTherapy essential oils that are water soluble and are good for your skin. They don't clog pours and don't irritate your skin. They're great for sensitive skin! (They have been tested on myself and my mother, we both have terribly sensitive skin with high sensitivity to any scrubs, lotions, salts, etc...) Check out my new items. :) As before, every purchase gets a free lip balm.

I'm a little angry in general with my day. Where do I start. Let's start with my daughter going to school. My mom sides with her ALL the time. So my daughter stayed home from school today. My mom ran me into the ground today. She told me that I am a useless SOB, she told me I'm pushing my daughter so hard to go to school because I want the "convenience", she just kept going on and on. None of which is true. My daughter just doesn't want to go to school because she says they learn and they don't play. Well, that's what school is. But my mom just keeps on siding with her and telling her she doesn't have to go to school if she doesn't want to, she bypasses ALL of my rules. We had a huge fight over that this morning. You can't even imagine the fight between myself and my mom.

Secondly, my boss decides that since she doesn't want to pay me, she is moving my pay rate to $1.75 PER CALL. Right now there are almost NO calls available but I still have to sit there for an hour or two and go through to see if there are any calls available. EVERY OTHER REP GETS PAID HOURLY FOR THIS, but she hates me for some reason. I called the Board of Labor today and they said that is illegal. I have to get paid an aggregate for the hours I do not have any calls but still work. So I had to file a Complaint for Wages form (Which totals quite a bit of money that she has cheated me out of) and I have to send that back tomorrow. They said it will take 2 weeks probably because they have to assign a private investigator to my case and they have to look into this. I really don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I am getting cheated and I'm very upset about that.

I am getting so fed up with life at this point. :( We're still poor as hell, I had to change in actual change to get money for lunch and dinner tonight. I invested some money in scratch off lottery tickets and won $6, but reinvested that in more tickets and that's where my luck ended. We just checked our Mega Millions tickets and won $7. At least some things are looking up, but not so much. My paycheck is gonna be crap again this week and I'm just not looking forward to anything.

New York is on High Alert again and so are we. I'm supposed to be going to New York on Sunday, but that's going to be high traffic because of the random traffic checks and I'm not even looking forward to that anymore. Hopefully, maybe my shop will pick up sales and it will cheer me up a bit more. My only dream is for my own creations to get some popularity and actually sell. I'm praying.


Peebs And Roo said...

(Sorry I didn't post yesterday! My computer was down and I couldn't get back on!) Anyway, I'm sorry you had a bad day! That really sucks! I'm sure you'll make some great sales soon. Especially with the holiday season coming up. As for your job, that is so wrong! Good thing you filed a complaint. Nobody deserves that! I hope everything gets better soon!