Sep 23, 2009

Destashing Coming!!

Going through my supplies today, I realized I don't need all of the supplies that I have. I have doubles and triples of some things I'll probably only use once and have just way too many scrapbooking supplies I never use and don't even know why I have them! :) I'll be adding a section in my shop soon for destashing my supplies, because I can use the money more than I need the supplies!! I have to run out to get my kids' blood work done (the excitement!) but when I come back, that will be what I will do all evening. :) I really want to get things organized and into nice boxes so that I would be able to actually put things in the room I want to be my studio neat and organized instead of just thrown in boxes! Therefore... if anyone needs beading supplies or scrapbooking supplies, keep watching here, twitter and my shop for updates on my destashing listings! :D


Pepper said...

Ooh, yay destash! Maybe once I make some money from my shop, I'll spend it in yours. XD