Sep 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!!

What a day! We had originally planned to have a garage sale of our own since we are moving and need to get rid of excess. However, when we saw the weather forecast for this week, we decided to cancel it because we thought there would be rain. We wake up today and it's overcast, but 66 and very brisk weather. Mom, my daughter and I decided to go "garage sale-ing". We went to Staten Island since my youngest daughter's dad was going to pick her up anyway for a rehearsal dinner for his sister's wedding, and he comes from Long Island. So to save him money to come into New Jersey, we just decided to meet him there.

After my 2 year old got picked up by daddy, my mom and daughter and I went to some sales. I have to say, we had a decent day. I got two new displays for my jewelry. They are standing bodices on pedestals. A great size too! $1 each! I also got a nice little display cabinet where in I am going to add some cup hooks and use it as a display for craft shows. I got some beautiful silver jewelry for myself (because you can NEVER have enough jewelry) and my girls got some brand new clothing for $15! (A whole 3 bags of clothing. Damn.) I'm more excited about my display bodices more than anything else!

Towards evening, when we went to TGI Fridays for dinner, it started to rain. Unfortunately, there was a church carnival in our town tonight and I had promised my 4 year old we could go. It did subside a bit by the time we got home, so we got jackets and headed to the carnival -- which was closed. :( Oh well. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. I am hoping tomorrow night we can go to the carnival.

It completely slipped my mind that my table fee for a show was due today. *smacks self* I e-mailed them a few months ago to see if I can send the payment overnight on Monday so they will get it by Tuesday., I was already accepted and registered, I just didn't send the payment yet. I sure hope they allow me to.

Adding more items to the shop tonight!