Sep 23, 2009

Splitting my shops.

I had been adding my soaps and body products to ThreeSeventeen, but it was getting cluttered and I didn't like the feeling. I thought maybe more diversity would be better, but I don't think that is the case. Honestly, I think too much diversity is bad and realized I would feel better opening Oh My Cupcake back up. So I am!! To me, this feels a lot better. I can de-clutter ThreeSeventeen and use it for what I need it for; my jewelry. I am going to make my jewelry successful if it kills me! (And it just might!)

Another idea that I had, was to open up a vintage shop. I have one item in my ThreeSeventeen shop right now, however we are cleaning my grandmother's stuff and I realized that the amount of vintage stuff she left me is massive. I don't want it to completely overtake the entire shop. Since we have over 200 things, I may have to just open another shop. It wouldn't be terrible.

I have spent all night working on bath fizzies and soaps. That has been my last 6 hours. I now am feeling inspiration to do jewelry and have a vision of a piece I want to create. I may put away the bath & soap supplies and start on a new piece. I just have this clear vision of what I want to make. That happens very infrequently! Usually, I just go as I go and not have a definite vision. :)

Looking at a garage sale find of an antique shadow box, I am really thinking about making that into a piece of art. I feel I want it to express my childhood and who I was when I was younger. I will probably put it on Etsy when I am finished with it, but it is a project that I want to start sometime soon.

This entry was completely jumbled and not even one complete thought, but that's how my mind is working right now. :)