Sep 20, 2009

Some new items!!

My weekend was so hectic. Friday we had my ex's sister's wedding that my daughter was supposed to be in somehow. She was too attached to us and a little frightened of all of the people, so she just stayed with us. My girls did look gorgeous, though! I believe I looked pretty good too. I have lost 24.6 pounds and I believe it shows. :) It was a great wedding and we had a great time. It was just such a long day with everything. Running around, trying to get some work in, getting the kids was all exhausting. So by the time I actually got home from the wedding, we all just fell asleep before even walking in the door. lol

Unfortunately, this weekend we are completely broke. I used the last bit of money I had on things for the wedding. I had to get my mom some things as well as giving the bride some money for the wedding, tolls to get there, etc... So right now we're really living on our last $5 until Wednesday morning. :( We really are living from paycheck to paycheck at this point. I am hoping maybe my business will get a little more productive around the Holiday season so that maybe I can have extra pocket change for myself and the girls and maybe I can actually start making a profit.

Added two new items tonight and will add more tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight. These two really go in a different direction from the jewelry that I am used to listing. I want to branch out and be about my whole talent and not just jewelry design. :) I added...

Hand Crafted Ceramic Carrot Wall hanging

I feel this is great for fall and for any kitchen. I made my mother one and she gets compliments constantly when people stop by. It becomes a conversation piece in the kitchen. I love this product and feel that others would as well. It is safe for cleaning.

It's A Girl hand painted Martini Glass

This is a beautiful present for the mom to be, new mom or a great gift as baby shower favors! When I made this for a friend, this was a HUGE hit. These martini glasses are safe to wash and eat. They are painted and glazed with Mayco products. They make paints and glazes that are safe for food products.

I'm hoping that these would peak the interest of some people. I actually love these items and are happy to add them to the shop. :)


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