Dec 18, 2009

Chuck E Cheese!!

This day was one hectic day. This morning I went out to find the Zhu Zhu pets and I was so lucky. The second I walked into Toys R Us there were two left on the table where they had just put the day's shipment. I grabbed those up and thanked God I had found them without much effort. lol I don't even know how much I paid for them! I just knew that I needed them since I got the other set. I also picked up a Play Doh set and some party favors, since that's what I needed. I'm not sure if I got anything else or not. lol My things are still in my car.

I ran over to Michaels after that to get some things for shipping my orders and also found some really cute ornaments as gifts for my mom, grandma and other family members. I'm going to personalize them myself when I get the chance. :) I also got some nice little meatloaf pans for my mom, grandma and my best friend. They're so cute, porcelain and has cute little snowflakes, reindeer and gingerbread men on them.

My mom said no balloons for Olivia's party, but I got just two "2" balloons and one Abbycadabby balloon. I needed something to tie on the front porch for when she walked out to go to her party! She loves balloons and I had to go against my mom's rules. LOL She didn't mind too much, and Olivia loved them!

We had everything done quickly and the party was great! Livvy was a little afraid of Chuck E Cheese, but she loved playing the games and won 400 tickets on her own! Alayna won about 200 since she was mostly just playing on the motorized things with her friends who were at the party. :D

They're saying terrible snow tomorrow. I had plans with one of my friends so we could exchange Christmas gifts tomorrow. I don't mind driving in snow...just not a blizzard. So I'm going to have to take it as it comes and see what happens in the morning. If it's snowing terribly by the morning when I'm supposed to be leaving at 11, I probably won't go. Though, if the snow isn't bad, I will go and see what happens.

Praying for not too much snow....!!