Dec 23, 2009

Dead on my feet...

I really hope my job decides to keep me after the Holidays because I put in my all to this job. I agreed to stay until midnight again because I could use the money and also because I really want to do all I can do to please them so I can stay. I love this job and really want to keep it. The day seemed to just crawl. I'm so exhausted. Tomorrow is another long day, but only until 8 pm. Thank God. I have so much to do!!

We attempted to get the kids to sit for a Christmas picture this morning. It started out semi successful... Then the kids got punchy and rowdy... Then they wanted to kill each other... Then they wanted to get
at the camera. LOL But we did get one good picture and I love the picture we did get. It gives the illusion that they love each other. :D

Before I go to bed (or before I pass out right at the computer) I wanted to post about this amazing giveaway I found. MckGiveaways is giving away a HP Touchsmart PC!! Now, I know I could use one of these. Since my business is picking up, I really want to be able to use a good desktop PC. Not the piece O' crap I have in my room right now. The giveaway ends Christmas Eve and it would make my entire Christmas to win. :) Visit her giveaway here.


A Psych Mommy said...

What a cute pic! I hope all is going well with your job and that you don't have to keep working til midnight!