Dec 19, 2009

Old Navy!!!

I found out, this morning, that Old Navy had socks for $1 and sweatshirts for $3. I got there early this morning when they first opened because I wanted to get there #1. before the snow and #2. before all the other people got there. I ended up getting 10 pairs of socks ($10), 4 adult sweatshirts (+12), 2 kid sweatshirts (+6), a make up bag for $2.00, 4 rolls of wrapping paper for a total of $3.50, one pair of "jingle jammy" pants for $7.. I did pretty good. :)

Afterwards I went to Toys R Us and I got a disney princesses playset for $5, Disney Clickables for $2.00 each (70% off!) and another zhu zhu pets playset for Olivia. I had a great "shopping" day even though I didn't plan it. :D Makes me happy!

The supermarket was very packed today. I couldn't even believe it! I got what I had to get and got out of there in the self check out lane. I really wasn't happy with waiting in line. lol Especially still feeling a little sick.

News channels have terrible conflicting reports on what's going on with the snow. Our family in South Jersey only got 2 inches and now it has stopped. The news is saying it is stalled in Central Jersey and may go either way and miss us. We really have no idea what's going on with the so called "blizzard" that they say is coming. I don't know what I'm doing with my day...staying home or not. It's really frustrating, if you ask me. I want to know what's going on and when it's going to snow, how bad, etc... If it snows overnight, I may not be able to go into work tomorrow...which is ANOTHER day of pay I'll be losing. *smacks head against wall* I guess I'll see in time!!


Kate said...

It looked like we were only going to get 2 inches this morning when it stopped (I'm right out side of Philly) but now it's starting to pick up again and reports say we should be getting about 18-24 inches now. I'll believe it when I see it...

I LOVE when I have good shopping days!