Dec 22, 2009

I worked until 12 am yesterday and I am working until 12 am today. It's exhausting, let me tell you!! I want to end up falling asleep on the counter by 11 pm. lol Though I know it's necessary because of Christmas. It's been very busy. I mean like a non stop flow of customers. :) I never realized, before this, that Sephora is so busy! The only negative thing about yesterday was that we didn't have the mirrored compacts for the gift cards. A lot of people were unhappy about that because that's mainly why they come in... However a lot of them were fine with just coming back in today (hopefully) for the mirrors. :)

That was pretty much my day yesterday and will probably be my entire week. I'm working on Christmas Eve as well, which didn't make my mom happy. She wanted to go to Church, but now we can't. We can probably go Christmas Day, however.

I'm writing this in a rush because I have to get to the mall to finish Christmas Shopping before I work at 3:30...And I need to find a parking spot. Oh the joy of that!! I really need to work more on my blog too... Add more fun stuff like on my old blog.