Dec 8, 2009

What a long weekend.

Thursday was the viewing for our family friend and Friday was the funeral. Those two days were complete losses since my mom was in pieces and I had to really give my attention to her. My mom had given her everything for me all of my life, and I had to give her the attention. Saturday and Sunday I worked all day. I sent some orders out Thursday morning, and I am sending others out tomorrow and Wednesday. Since I was off today and I am off tomorrow and Wednesday, I am really putting my entire day into orders that I haven't sent out yet. So if you're waiting for an order, tomorrow and Wednesday they will be sent out. :) Life is so much better and I'm really enjoying the calm. lol I love just concentrating on my business and getting all my orders filled and sent out. That all makes me happy.

I will be back on track making things and listing things by Thursday. :) It's just been such a hectic few weeks. Thanks all for understanding!