Dec 4, 2009

So busy!

I have been really busy lately! A lot of custom orders as well as bath and body orders have been coming in. I most recently finished an order of 50 baby shower favors. I loved how they came out, though they were done very last minute and had to be shipped express to get there on time! They were actually very fun to make. My mom helped with packaging them with cellophane and a bow and I really enjoyed bonding with her -- something we hardly do these days! I had a great time. :) [Even though I stayed up all night, slept 30 minutes and had to work 8.5 hours the next day!]

Working at Sephora is proving to be a great choice on my part. I love it there. Everyone is very nice to me and they treat each other like a family! I actually like going to work, and I never thought I would say that!

Still catching up on some orders, but loving the business. I wish there was a bit more because I could use it, however I don't mind the rate it is going one bit!!