Dec 17, 2009

I have made a decision...YAY!

Since I really miss blogging as I used to do, I am going to start again using this blog. I figure that maybe people really do want to know more about my life! At least I hope they would! I'm going to blog more about everything in my life including my kids, what happens in my day, sharing pictures, etc... I will still add things about my business since this IS a business blog, but it will be more.

I read through the Toys R Us ad today and saw that some things my kids wanted were on sale! So I picked up some great things such as the Leap Frog Violet learning dog, Zhu Zhu pets car, and I forgot what else. lol The presents are still in my car because I don't want to bring them inside if the kids are awake and going to see them. I grabbed the last Zhu Zhu Pets car when I was at Toys R Us, but can't find the damn hamster. I think they have one at the mall...there is a As Seen on TV cart there that had TONS of them the other day but I didn't think to get one because I didn't think anywhere would have the car my daughter wanted. The mall is my first stop tomorrow morning. If they don't have it, I think Target is getting more Monday or Tuesday and I will get there as early as possible to try. If not, I will just have to return the car set and get something else for the girls. I really hope I can find the hamster.

Monday is Olivia's birthday and tomorrow is her party. I had to run around today, with a stomach virus, to find party favors and cake mix and stuff. It was insane. I am so exhausted and still have a damn stomach virus. Hopefully I will feel better by tomorrow because I hate feeling like shit. I still have so much to do before tomorrow and before Saturday when my daughter's father is coming to pick her up. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to do absolutely anything.