Mar 14, 2011

AWESOME iPhone App: Mercury Browser

I love searching for apps for my iPhone and absolutely love to search for apps that make my life and business easier.  While browsing through the app store, I found something called Mercury Browser.  

The icon looked eerily the same as FireFox, but I thought to try it anyway.  I've tried numerous browsers for my iPhone and Droid and found nothing that really worked as well as I hoped it would work.  When I am doing something for my blog or for work, I need the data fast and a lot of browsers don't load as fast as I would like.  

Mercury Browser is a definite five star browser.  It allows you to choose skins, as your desktop version of Chrome or Firefox does.  Customize the look of the browser to fit who you are and what you like!  No more generic looks of phone browsers.  
The rich feature set includes themes, Download, Fullscreen Browsing, File Sharing, Adblock, Tabs, Multi Touch Geature, User Agent Switcher, Private browsing, Passcode Lock, Save Page, Facebook/Twitter integration and a lot more.
All of the above features are very important.  While Safari, Firefox Mobile and other browsers only allow mobile versions of websites or distorted versions of websites without mobile versions, Mercury is not like that!

Take our site for example...

If you look at our site in Safari, Firefox Mobile, etc... Firstly, it loads rather slowly. (Sorry about that!)  Secondly, it does not look the same and does look distorted. With  Mercury, you can see our site exactly how it looks on the computer.  

Mercury Browser has tabs, which we all love.  You can have up to 8 tabs open at once and unlike Safari, where you have to click for your open tabs, Mercury Browser has your tabs open just as your desktop version of Firefox.  It's all right up on the top of the screen and stays that way!  You can easily access your tabs as quickly as you need to.  

I think that Mercury Browser has so many advantages over the factory Safari or apps like Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile, Dolphin Browser, etc...  The speed and convenience has landed this a spot right on my main phone tray!  

Disclaimer: We were not compensated at all for this post.  I simply found this app in the app store and fell in love with it.  All of the opinions expressed are my own, just sharing an app that I think is good enough for business.