Mar 17, 2011


Today, March 17th, is my 26th birthday!  I was born March 17th, 1985 at 11:59 PM.  Yes, very close to March 18th!  Technically, I have less than a minute left of my actual birthday!  I'm Italian and Polish and born on an Irish holiday!  Who cares, I love my birthday!  Even though I was born today, I didn't go home to be with my mom (adoptive parents) until April 19th. 1985.  So, I technically have two days that we celebrate within a month of each other!

I really have nothing special planned for today except working!  I only work one job, my full time job.  Alayna had this plan for my birthday, she was going to "take" me to Red Lobster.  I love her plan and would love to keep it, but unfortunately, it's just not financially ok for us right now.  Taking us all out to Red Lobster would cost me more money than I really can shell out.  She was pretty upset, but after I told her that we will have a party at home, she felt better.  I love my girls, they really do want to make things special for me.  They're the best. :)  I wouldn't want to spend my birthday any other way than with them!