Mar 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday: Exhaustion, Clothing Swaps, Insane Weather and more!

I haven't done Miscellany Monday in quite a while and I did miss it!  Honestly, I love the fact that I can put different random thoughts in one post and not have to worry too much about how it flows.  Effortless; almost!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very random.  I can be talking about one thing and the next minute I will just come out with something completely unrelated.  It's hilarious (to my friends) and it's annoying to people who don't understand how I can be!  Miscellany Monday gives me a reason to be random.  So thanks to those @ Lowercase Letters who came up with a great idea!


It must be working two jobs at once in addition to blogging and parenting, but I am completely exhausted.  There are days when I feel like I can't even function.  Unlike my usual pattern, I have been going to bed anywhere from 10pm - Midnight every single day, which is not what I usually do.  I can't seem to catch up on any of the sleep that I missed while working these two jobs and doing everything else on top of it.  Even my 5 shot of espresso Starbucks Coffee doesn't help me.  It's absolutely horrible.  What's sad, is that in two weeks when my part-time job ends, I still have to find something else to keep our income up, so I can't even relax while I have that time off.  I wish I was independently wealthy... One day...
Jewelry Making Fun
I am considering re-starting my jewelry business.  My mom needs a type of income and I could use the extra pocket change. (Yes, after saying how exhausted I am. ha!)  My mom and I may do this together and share the income that comes in.  However, there is a lot that I have learned about advertising and having a business while I have had my year long hiatus from the business.  I learned a lot more than I could have back then and I feel like it is the perfect time to re-start.  I'm excited about it because I miss being artsy and creative.  I really miss doing something I love and sharing it with others.  I don't exactly know when I will be able to start the business up again, but hopefully by June I will be able to have enough inventory to open the shop.  It will be based on Etsy again for the time being, but I feel like it will be a good move for me.  I'll definitely let everyone know once the shop is open. :)

Spring? Really?
We have had the most beautiful spring weather for the past few days.  I mean, amazing weather.  Friday/Saturday we had 70's and the temperature actually had hit 80.  Yesterday, the weather was around 50 but hit the mid-60's.  Then today, I wake up to 35 degree weather, rainy and HAILING.  There was snow North of us in North Jersey, Westchester County, NY and Connecticut.  I am so glad that we didn't get the snow and I'm hoping that we don't get the snow.  I wouldn't be able to stand it! Praying for spring-like weather again.

Kids Clothing Swaps? Save Money!
Anyone who has been reading here for a while knows that I love to save money.  I found this one site that is absolutely great and definitely Mommy Miscellaneous approved!  I usually sell at garage sales and buy my kids their wardrobe at garage sales, but in the winter that's difficult.  I found out about Clothing Swap sites and OMG!! A Godsend!  I've gotten rid of so many clothes we didn't need and in return, got many clothing items that my kids now use.  The items are in amazing condition and some even still have tags!  This is why I just HAD to share this with you guys.  I. LOVE. THIS. SITE!

Target ROCKS

I got this in the mail from Target today! It's a beautiful little makeup case (which I need) that has tons of samples and coupons inside! I don't remember signing up for it, but I'm so happy I got it! Thank you Target!