Mar 19, 2011

Random Thoughts...

This post is going to be very random, but just things that I thought of throughout the day and jotted down.  Today was definitely a very lazy day.  I worked my full time job from 2pm-10pm, but that's about all I did do!  I had to take off from my morning job because Alayna was sick and stayed home from school.  We thought Olivia was getting a stomach virus too, but she seems to be ok now.  Maybe it was all that yummy ice cream cake yesterday! :) 

The delicious cake >> Speaking of cake, I got the best birthday cake yesterday.  It was the Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake.  I actually saw it advertised on the window when I had gone to Dunkin Donuts the other day.  I knew that was the cake I wanted for my birthday!  So yesterday, I went and shelled out an absurd $19.99 for a small cake to serve 6 people.  I must have been out of my mind!  Although, it was St. Patricks Day.  I could always claim being drunk...even though I wasn't. lol The cake was so damn good and actually worth the $19.99.  Hell, my kids even ate it. (Which is a stretch!)  

Stores suck >>  Before I left on my trip three weeks ago, I had purchased some last minute things,.  I got two shirts and two pairs of leggings.  Of course, being in a hurry, I didn't try them on.  (Stupid, I know.)  So today I had to go and return them since they didn't fit right.  I actually ended up in Staten Island first, since I needed some Starbucks, and went to the Dots there.  They took back the two shirts, but the leggings were apparently (in their opinion) nonreturnable. (Even though they have the tags)

I got a little angry, but took the leggings and went back home.  On my break, I decided to take a run up to the Dots that is in my town.  (The only reason I avoid going there, is because parking is absolutely horrible.)  Luckily, I found a spot.  I decided to explain the situation of the items being purchased last minute, they didn't fit, still had tags, I still had my receipt and I wanted to return them.  This girl was so helpful.  She told me that as long as the item still has the tags and I have the receipt, I can return it.  Thank God SOMEONE had a brain! (Or listened to store policy.)  Happy ending - I got my money back.

Shopping Rehab >>  I'm currently withdrawing from shopping deprivation and it's horrible.  I'm doing it because I need to start saving money.  I couldn't continue the way I was going with buying useless things just because I can.  I can't do it for the high of having a new item.  I need to be responsible and sell some of the crap I have here before bringing anything else into the house.  I actually do have a whole post written and scheduled on this.  Definitely going to go ahead and post that soon!  Just wanted to complain about how horrible shopping withdrawal is.  They really should have an inpatient shopping rehab to save us from the temptations!

Damn Technology! >>  Automatic flushing toilets (motion sensor?) and automatic paper towel machines scare me!!  Ha!  Yesterday, I had gone out for lunch for my birthday.  When I was in the bathroom, first the toilet flushes 3 times and scares the crap out of me! (No, pun intended!  I was actually #1-ing!)  Secondly, when I went to get a piece of paper towel, I put my hand under one of the dispensers and BOTH come shooting out paper towels.  They're haunted, I tell you!!  They have minds of their own... They're freaky...