Mar 31, 2011

Kindercare Summer & Spring Camps! Fun and learning rolled into one!

My daughter has wanted to attend summer camp for a few years now.  Unfortunately, we have never been able to find a place that is educational, as well as fun.  I am one of those parents who won't just send her daughter to any camp to get them out of the house, I want her to learn something when she goes.  I never saw the fun in spending money for a camp that they just play, swim and do nothing all day.  My kids could do the same at home!

Kindercare has Spring AND Summer camp for ALL ages.  Pre school on up to age 12.  Not only do they cater to a great age range, they also have a wide range of camps for your children to enjoy!  Their current Spring camp is; The Secret Science of Dirt, which will teach them a great deal about the environment with hands-on activities!  (Cooking, Arts, Crafts, Learning science)  All kids love dirt, so this may be perfect for one of your little ones who LOVES to get dirty!  If your spring break has passed and that would not work for you and your children, Kindercare also has 12 amazing summer camps to chose from!

The summer camps that Kindercare offers are these great programs;

  • Splish Splash
  • Feats of Science
  • Kids Kitchen
  • Sports Smarts
  • Wilderness 101
  • Dig, Ancient Egypt
  • Wild, Wild West
  • Scienterrific
  • Spectacular Sports
  • Animal Antics
  • Gross & Gooey Science

My daughter decided to attend the Sports Smarts summer camp, definitely unlike her mother!  She decided that, since she wants to join our local soccer league this fall.  She figured that she can learn about different sports, do some activities and maybe learn the right ways to keep healthy while playing!  My daughter is definitely smart, and because of her great explanation of why she wanted that camp; I let her decide for herself!

I feel that Kindercare is definitely a place where your kids can have fun and learn at the same time.  That is definitely a place that you would want to spend your money for camp!  With over 3,000 Kindercare locations all over the US, there has bound to be one near you!  We are excited to visit ours and see what happens with the summer camp!  

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. For this post, I was given one free week of any Kindercare spring or summer camp program.  Special thanks to MomSelect for allowing me to work with Kindercare on this post!