Mar 5, 2011

Expulsion, Termination and Compensated Blogging

Occasionally, mommy bloggers will get a bad rap for many reasons.  Some say we are too demanding, others say we should not get paid for our hobby and some even say that we neglect our children in order to either get good "material" for our blog or to spend hours on our blog.  None of which is true!  There are also mommy bloggers getting fired from their jobs or even children getting expelled from school because of innocent things bloggers are saying.  Is this a reasonable reason for expulsion or to be let go from your job?  Not unless the things being said are damaging to the children involved or something fiercely damaging to the job or employer. With some of the stories I'm hearing, parents are being penalized for writing such innocent stories about their children, about school functions or even a simple statement about their job.  To me, it's absolutely absurd!  True, there are some people who do not understand blogging or even the internet, but they are making rash decisions without even consulting with the parents or employee.  There was one story I recently heard, where a pre-school aged child was expelled for her mother venting about an ordeal she had gone through at her daughter's school.  The mother wrote nothing damaging and she did not name any names or specific places.  Blogging is for venting and is an outlet for emotion and writing how you feel.  Just as an artist paints or a musician sings or composes music.  If we can't write about how we feel and if we can't let our emotions out through our writings on our personal domains, how can we do it? 

As for mommy bloggers getting paid, as I have said before in another post, most don't get paid. Most of us blog because we love to do so and because we love to share with other moms.  We do not expect compensation, but we do get many PR Pitches from different companies.  Being wise, most mommy bloggers are picky about what pitches they actually accept for their blog.  We are knowledgeable and have researched what is best for us.  Choosing pitches/companies within our blogging niche is really important to us and we don't go hog wild accepting trials and incentives.  When we do accept something, it is because it interests us and our readers, and we feel that it would be ideal to spread the word to other moms and readers about what we feel positive about.  We do not make boatloads of money and most of us don't care to.  

Bloggers are professionals as well and we put a lot of time and work into what we do.  Posting family pictures and silly stories about ourselves and children are the least of what our material is about.  I do not want to say that we deserve to be compensated, because frankly; we don't.  However, it is nice to see that our hard work is being noticed by moms and companies alike and it is great to know that a company may feel our little home is a good place for their publicity.  It makes us feel like we have accomplished something.