Mar 12, 2011

Hurricane Olivia and Alayna, Overwhelmed with the mess!

My girls thought that it was a novel idea to completely trash their room last night.  Well, actually, they were trying to play "department store" (Yeah, my kids are learning the good stuff from me - Shopping addiction how to shop smart.)  By the time I got off from my second job last night, I was absolutely exhausted and had no strength to actually go in and clean up.  I did try to get them to clean their room, but for some reason whenever I suggest my kids cleaning their room, it's like my suggesting that they take medicine, or eat veggies, or walk through a field of bumble bees... Yes, it's that torturous to them.  So when I walked in their room and saw what looked like a hurricane, tornado and every other natural disaster hit the room, I turned around and walked right back out.  Working two jobs, making dinner in between, packing Olivia's "daddy weekend" bag -- It was all too much and totally exhausted me.  I put that cleaning off until this morning.

So I have to say this;

Hi, my name is Kristin and I spoil my kids way too much.

It's true.  I do love my girls and I would do anything or buy anything for them, but they have too much.  As much as I try to teach my girls to value what they have and to be thankful for the toys they have, they don't absorb that lesson.  Starting to clean through it this morning, I noticed so many broken, mismatched or toys that have pieces that are misplaced.  It really frustrated me because I give up everything for my girls and give up everything for months for them to have a good Christmas.  When I see toys (Like the "Hide and Seek Jo Jo" that Olivia HAD to have) that cost quite a bit of money without pieces, it makes me feel like my girls don't respect me.  

At that point, I had just put things away without going through them and attempting to find the pieces; I was just as much at fault by this point.  I felt defeated, frustrated, upset and disrespected.  All I wanted to do was get the room clean so when Olivia's dad came today, I wouldn't feel like I had lost all control of my children. (Which I do admit, I feel like I have at times.) I am not sure how to get through to a 3 and 5 year old that these things cost money.  Money doesn't grow on trees and I work hard for what I have and what I can give them, they don't seem to understand.

This is probably a useless rant and a boring post, but it's been on my mind all day.  It's something that frustrates me because I always valued all I had when I was a child.  Of course, I always wanted more, but I took care of my stuff and treated it with care.  Not like my girls do when they literally act like the little girl with braces in Finding Nemo.  I will just have to keep drilling it into their heads; the toys they have and want cost money.  Maybe I should listen to other people when they say that I should make them clean their toys and make them earn what they really want.  I probably do hand everything to them on a silver platter, and that's not the way to go.  I'm too nice to be strict. 

Anyone else have this problem?