Mar 25, 2011

Cupcakes and Speech Therapy

Olivia had her first speech therapy appointment the other day.  We had originally taken her back in October for an evaluation because she wasn't speaking at all.  Maybe 3-5 words were in her vocabulary.   I voiced my concern, because she was almost 3 and still could not speak an entire sentence.  Every child is different, yes, but Alayna started talking when she was 15 months and hasn't stopped since.  Due to that fact, I felt that I should get Olivia evaluated to see if she needed speech therapy or if it was just stubbornness and her not wanting to talk.  We waited 5 months for a call back and finally got one last week.

Originally, when we first went, our goal was to get her to talk.  Even though she is talking now, I still decided to bring her.  Insurance covers it and it won't hurt to get checked out and just make sure everything is progressing the way it should be.

Her speech therapist, Liz, is such a sweetheart.  Olivia is the quiet and shy type, but after a few minutes she opened right up.  Liz said that I should definitely get her hearing checked because her pronunciation isn't completely correct.  At age 3, she should have clear speech, but Olivia does not.  Olivia replaces some letters with "D" instead of the correct letter.

  • Cookie = Dookie
  • Uncle Ray = Uncle Day
  • Cat = Dat 
And so on... 
They said that some of her pronunciation may be caused by just a tiny bit of fluid in her ear.  Apparently, the letters she replaces with "D" are considered "high pitched sounds" and that could amplify with just a tiny bit of fluid.  We also believe that might be the case because some louder sounds she can't take.  She covers her ears at the sound of a car horn, the radio being too loud, the TV being too loud, Alayna screaming, etc... And says her ears hurt.  So we will get her hearing tested as soon as we can get an appointment.  For now, the speech therapy is fine.  We just have to have her re-evaluated next week to change the "goals' for the appointments.   She will go for 6-9 months and hopefully we will see improvement.

We also made cupcakes that night!  Alayna felt left out because her sister got all the attention. (From the speech therapist) Typical 5 year old...  So, we went ahead and made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes that Alayna mostly got to bake. (Olivia helped with the icing...or tried to...)  Unfortunately, we had no sprinkles.  To the girls, that was the absolute end of the world. Ha!

Our plan is to try to make donuts this week!  I have no idea how that is going to end up, probably in a very unhappy ending... But it's worth a try!  My girls love to cook and I want to get them to realize that cooking is a good thing before they get older!  My mom never put that into my head, and now it is a horrible task to even begin to cook or bake.  Sadly, fast food and TV dinners are my friend... lol