Mar 22, 2011

Why Do I Blog? How do I fit it in?

I saw this topic on another mommy blog and I thought I would blog about it too.  Do you blog as a hobby, business or do you want to make a living from it?

Actually, I have had a blog since 1999.  I was blogging before I was a mommy and before mommy blogging even really came about.  Back then, it was called "Personal Blogging" and "Cam Girls" were big. (2000-2004)  Not the slutty "Cam Girls" you see now, but in the definition of teenagers who had webcams and pretty much took pictures of everything along with captions. 
I blogged from 1999-2004 on different domains, when I went to college I took a break from blogging.  That was for various reasons, but mostly because no one in the offline world understood blogging.  My mom had told me that I was taking up my real life with being on the internet so much.  I did want to enjoy college and start a new life for myself, so I left the online world.  I hated it!  So much had gone on at college and I really had nowhere to share it with anyone.  I wrote in an actual material journal, but that wasn't the same!  

Once I got pregnant with my oldest, I started blogging again.  I wanted to share my pregnancy with my family and friends without telling every single person the same thing over and over again.  That's when I started to find out about mommy blogging, but it still wasn't very popular. My blogging wasn't consistent, it was very sporadic when I felt like it and I would blog about what was going on in my life itself.  

About two years ago I fully got into mommy blogging and I absolutely loved it.  I fell in love with sharing my family with other moms and fell in love with writing about topics that interested me.  Writing was always a passion of mine, and this was ideal.  I could actually write without really having a reason to!  (To some people, that may seem torturous, but I loved it.) Blogging and sharing with others had become one of my hobbies.

Right now, blogging is basically still a hobby.  Although, because of my blog and my writing, I had gotten some other freelance writing jobs and I do product reviews.  Would I want to become a professional blogger in the future? Of course, I love to write and it would be amazing if I could become a professional blogger.  Though, I don't write because that's what I want.  If things fell into place and I was able to blog professionally, then great!  That would be an amazing gift.  I do know how hard it is to make a profit from your blog, so I don't have ant expectations to make money off of it.  Not at all.  

When do you fit in time to blog?

I blog while I'm working my second job and have the time to and I also blog at night after my kids are in bed.  In the past, I would blog when my kids took a nap, but they no longer nap. ha! More lost time!  There are also days when I am inspired and can write a few blogs in one day to schedule! (Those are my favorite days.)  I also have days when I couldn't fit in blogging, but those happen rarely and I do feel bad when I can't connect with my readers. 

Are your family and off-line friends supportive?

Mostly.  I have family members who blog as well or work over the internet for various jobs.  They are very supportive of my blogging.  My mom is as well.  She loves the fact that we can review products and give our opinions about them.  She is very into giving me her opinions to post as well as my own.  Most of my friends understand it, but not all.  I have some very close friends who are very supportive and even visit my blog themselves! (Even though they're not mommies!)  To those who do not understand, I do try to explain to them.  Some understand it and some do think I'm crazy, but I am so it works out perfectly fine!