Jun 14, 2010

Computer frustrations, blogging and Monday Mingle!

I'm going to mix two lovely things today... A great new "meme" called Monday Miscellany and Monday Mingle! I found out about Monday Miscellany today and it just seems like so much fun.  I'm always so random in my blogs, and this gives me a reason to be!  So without further adieu, Monday Miscellany! (Monday Mingle vlog is below this, so if you're here for that..it's here!)

As much as people complain about Apple Computers for their shitty warranties, their lack of insurance for iPhone and their overpriced merchandise, I have to love them.  I am a Mac Geek.  I've been using Macs for almost 10 years and I've had an iPhone since the first generation.  I love their products and have hardly any complaints.  Today, the worst thing happened.  Well, one of the worst.

You see, I have a Macbook that I got in 2007.  It was my first Macbook (Even though I had a G4 before this) and it was the love of my life.  It got me through quite a while before I upgraded to a newer Macbook. (Thanks to tax refund checks and birthday gifts. Ha!)  I had always kept the first Macbook I got (I've had for almost 4 years) because it had my Photoshop, graphic design stuff, iTunes (with all my music) and it's the computer I use for my iPhone. It still worked like a charm... Until today.

I turned it on (or attempted to) in hopes to finally download the new update for my iPhone.  I turn it on...nothing on the screen.  I do a hard reboot and I see a very scrambled screen that is partially black.  I freak the hell out.  I mean freak out as in start sweating, shaking, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN-esque.  The first thing I do is call my local Apple Store... They set up an appointment for me to come in and have it looked at. Ok... So I go.  They take me right away and the first words I hear are..."Oh no, your screen is shattered."  Um...HOW THE HELL DOES MY SCREEN GET SHATTERED IF I KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE AT ALL TIMES?  They answered that since it is almost 4 years old, it can happen with age.  GOOD THING - It can be fixed... I ask how much.  Ready for this?


Is that really a good thing Mr. Apple Bar Technician?  So, I tell him to go ahead with the repairs, since that Macbook has a lot of stuff on it that I need.  I'll come up with the $445.  Maybe the money tree in my back yard will magically grow $500 within a week. *eye roll*  He was very kind and said that when it's repaired, all I have to do is put down a down payment and I can pay off the rest.  Well, thank you Apple Bar Technician.  You are now my new best friend.  It will be fixed within a week.

My trip that I am taking this coming week has been moved up. I was supposed to leave early Monday morning and come back Tuesday evening... I got a call today that it would be easier to leave Sunday morning.  After a talk with my mom and realizing that we really don't have anything to do on Father's Day, we both agreed Sunday would actually be better.  It just adds one more night of homesickness and missing my little lovies. :(  They're just excited that they can have two whole days of special day trips with my mom and my uncle. Ha!  I hope they'll miss me just a little bit!

We are having a yard sale on Saturday, know what that means?  This week will be hardcore cleaning until we can't stand cleaning anymore.  I note this as a good thing because I really have so much that I need to get rid of.  So many baby things, electronics, furniture and so on.  Maybe I can pick up some extra pocket change.  Except, my kids don't understand the concept of: You have too many toys.  You have to go through your toys and sell what you don't want or don't play with anymore.  They find this agonizing and torturous.  Oh yes, I mean blood curdling screams torturous.  Torturous as in it will kill them to sell some of their toys.  Of course, when I bring up the subject of whatever money they make from selling toys we can use towards fun day trips this summer or a small trip to Toys R Us, they change their tune.  I'm still dreading going through their toys with them because I know the argument will ensue again.  What's funny is we just watched an episode of Caillou yesterday where he had to go through his toys for a yard sale... Oh the irony.

Dear Alayna decided she doesn't want bangs anymore.  We never actually got her bangs as they just grew in that way when her hair grew in as a baby/toddler.  She decided she wants to let her bangs grow out so she can be "bangless".  Hey, less trouble for me to cut them, but I don't think she's gonna enjoy it when her bangs are in that "in between" stage and in her eyes all the time.  Let's see how long the "i don't want bang" thing lasts. I give it two more months.

Olivia is already telling me what she wants for her birthday, which is in December!!  So far, on her list, she has a new Pillow Pet (a dog, to be specific), her own Nintendo DS, she wants Imagination Movers tickets (even though we have no idea when they are going to go on tour again) and more flip flops.  Yes, she wants flip flops in the winter.  She is starting to talk more and be able to communicate what she wants... The joys of TWO chatterboxes in the house. lol

I'm still waiting for a package that was supposed to arrive this past weekend.  On the shipping information it says it has been rescheduled...um??  I kind of need it before I leave on Sunday.  Here's to hoping the "reschedule" still gets it here in the TWO BUSINESS DAYS I paid for it to get here.  If not, my angry self will be calling the company and try to get reimbursed for the express shipping fees I paid.  Yeah...

I'm addicted to Hanson's new CD.  Addicted as in listening to the CD at every minute I have that I can listen to music.  It's making me even more hyped for the concert I am going to in mid July.  I NEVER get tired of Hanson.  They have been my true band love since 1997! (AND I AINT ASHAMED! lol)

Onto the Monday Mingle...