Jun 17, 2010

EA Sports Active workouts #1 and #2

I was so busy yesterday I didn't get to blog, but I wanted to blog about my first exercise with EA Sports Active.  I was very wary when I purchased it and didn't think it would really make me sweat and give me a good work out.  After all, I tried Wii Fit and it's a good beginners workout, but I didn't think Wii Fit was good to really make use of your workout time.  I finally had some time alone yesterday and had energy, so I got EA Sports Active out of my closet and went to work! 

Having a animation of an actual person rather than a Mii is, first of all, very motivational. It's easier to see what you're supposed to do.  The actual videos also help a lot with teaching you the right way to do exercises.  If you do something wrong, the screen will tell you that you are doing something wrong.  It tracks your movements through #1. The thigh band in which you put the Nunchuck in the pocket and #2.  Through the Wii Remote.  (I also have that Wii Motion Plus, which you really don't need for the game.  But it does make it a lot easier for it to accurately track your motion.)

The exercises are very good.  You can choose from low intesnity, medium intensity or high intensity.  Currently, I am on medium.  My favorite exercise is the running/walking.  I've always wanted to learn the track and don't have the courage to run outside. lol  So this is perfect.  It tracks how fast you run and how much effort you're putting into it.  If you don't do enough, it will tell you to restart.  

It also combines aerobics, sports, cardio and strength training.  It comes with a resistance band which is an OK band.  I would rather buy a better one that actually feels like you're doing something, but I'm sure this one is OK for beginning.  (I've seen weights for the Wii where you put the remote in the weight.  I've also have seen better resistance bands for the EA Sports Active.  They're pretty cheap at AJ Wright, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc...)  I actually love the work outs on the "30 Day Challenge". 

My leg muscles hurt and I can feel "the burn" as I work out.  This is always a good sign for a work out.  You don't want to push yourself too much, but you do want to feel it.  I'm very satisfied with the work outs it gives me.  Of course, I'll get to the gym and won't keep this as my primary workout, but it's good for now when I am just starting off. Yesterday it says I burned 164.4 calories and today, since it was a higher intensity, I burned 211.3.  I know these are just estimates, as all calorie counts are, but I've heard from researching that it is usually 80% accurate.  That's a pretty good percentage.

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