Jun 21, 2010

Monday Mingle - 06/21/10

 Unfortunately, I'm in a hotel room with other people and can't Vlog, but I still want to partake in the Monday Mingle.  Today I'm just going to post the questions and answers.  Everyone already thinks I'm odd for typing my entire life to strangers on the internet. LOL (It seems natural to me!!)  

Vacation is going great!!  It's so beautiful here and just perfect.  We ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner last night, and what a story that was! (For a later blog! LOL) We also tried to find a Walgreens that was open 24 hours and that proved to be a feat!!  

Soon we'll be going out to the pool and then to Sonic for lunch.  We're considering BBQ for dinner before our fun and great event. :)  

1. What is the one thing you find most frustrating about getting older? I'm only 25, but I feel so much older sometimes.  I think the most frustrating thing about getting older, for me, is just knowing that I'm getting closer to 30.  Why does that scare me so badly? I have absolutely no idea!  

2. What is the one thing you like best about it? Getting older is getting wiser. ;)

3. What age did you look forward to most? 18 so I could be independant and on my own, and 21.  Everyone wants to be 21 for obvious reasons! :D LOL Although, I still get carded when I go out for drinks.  I just look young.  I guess that's a good thing!!