Jun 13, 2010

Who doesn't love a good carnival??

The Carnival is in town!!  Ok, well, it's one town over in Staten Island.  Anyhow, we ended up going yesterday and Joey (Olivia's dad) ended up joining us.  He wanted to come down for the day to spend with both of my girls and myself and I thought that staying in the house on such a beautiful day just wouldn't be right. So, we took a ride to the carnival.

Alayna, Myself, Olivia, Her dad

Honestly, I wait for this carnival every year because it is one of the best for the kids.  It's fairly priced, great games and they usually always have more than enough kiddy rides to make paying the bridge, admission and tickets worthwhile...  Again, it didn't fail me! We had more than enough fun there and it actually expanded this year! (Yay!)  The kids couldn't wait to get on rides, although Olivia got freaked out on the carousel because it goes up and down.  Haha.  She finally calmed down towards the end.  It took her dad and I to both hold her until she calmed down!  (Thank God Alayna is big enough to basically ride on her own. haha.)  Though, after that ride, she loved everything else that she chose to ride.  Come to think of it, she actually wanted (so badly) to ride the small roller coaster and the scrambler. LOL  I had to say no, but if she keeps up lovin' the awesome rides when she gets older, I doubt either myself or her father would protest!!  

 Olivia tired with daddy

 Alayna and Olivia's dad on the slide :)

Of course, there were PLENTY of edible temptations at the Carnival.  Come on, it's CARNIVAL FOOD...the most delicious, best smelling, deep fried and fattening food that you could possibly think of.  Actually, the only thing worse than Carnival food is NYC street fair food... (But even then, they have some healthy options! ha)  One of the best temptations were Deep Fried Oreos...

Ok, so I have been dying to try these and I've heard so many great things about them.  Not to mention, Olivia's dad, my mom and the kids wanted some...  So over I went to the counter.  

Ok.... Yes, I had one.... JUST ONE!!  I figured that one frikkin yummy golden and chocolatey deep fried oreo wouldn't kill me.  (Oh yes, I did feel the guilt as I had a bite...but the warm yummy goodness of this damn thing masked the guilt until I got home!!) lol :)  I only had one...I swear.  The kids, Olivia's dad and my mom ate the others.  The guilt is still eating at me!! (Side note: At least this morning I woke up and was still LOSING weight.  Praise the Lord that one deep fried oreo didn't kill me.)  By the way... they're 'mmm mmm good.' ;)  
It's getting so warm out, I hope to finally weed the yard, plant the lovely vegetables in the ground and put our pool up... All without getting mosquito bites.  My tan is too nice, I'm so afraid to get gross mosquito bites and mess it up!!