Jun 4, 2010

The search is on for a cute purse...

I love those commercials, but it's true in this case!  I've decided to ask you guys your opinion on my new purse.  I've been using this XOXO one I got at a garage sale for very cheap and I've been using it on and off for over a year now.  Unfortunately, the other day the lining began to rip.  My grandma, who usually fixes things for me, told me that it's not worth trying to fix it because it's practically torn to shreds inside.  I decided to retire this one to the garbage and find a new purse.

Now, I'm a purse addict.  When some people can just go into a store and pick just ANY purse, I'm one of those people who really agonizes over what to get. Whenever I retire an older purse and get a newer one, I have a big specific picture of what I want in a new purse.  I very rarely do stray away from the image in my mind.  This time, I found a few that actually match what I'm looking for.  

Which one would you get?

1.  ^  I would get it in Pink.  It's an Ed Hardy.

2. ^ It's a Steve Madden
3. Betseyville 

4. Coach

Thanks guys :)  I appreciate your input!!