Jun 21, 2010

Sonic, Swimming and vacation. :)

Our short vacation is so fun and relaxing.  Last night, when we got here, we ended up going to dinner.  Of course, it was a chain restaurant; Ruby Tuesdays.  After eating the junk we ate in the car and deciding to stop at Waffle House for breakfast, we had to have something that made us feel healthy.  We went to where we had gone to Ruby Tuesdays the last time we were here, but found that to be closed down!! (How upsetting.)  Thank God for Blackberries, Google and our GPS (which we nicknamed Dug because it sounds like the dog from "Up!") we found another Ruby Tuesdays not too far away.  Definitely delicious -- one of our favorites.  

Afterwards, we needed to find a Walgreens because we forgot to get milk for the coffee we brought -- Oh delightful! LOL  Since this is a larger city, we thought it would be so simple to find one.  It was; except finding a 24 hour Walgreens wasn't so easy.  AGAIN - Thank God for Blackberries, Google and GPS.  We finally found a 24 hour Walgreens.  

Some fleeting thoughts crossed our mind about visiting a hotel bar for some drinks, but by the time we got to the bar (11:15 pm) it was closed and the thought of trying to find another was just absolutely tiring.  We were up since 4:30 am and by almost midnight we were half dead.  

This morning we got up pretty early and decided to go to the pool.  The hotel pool is so small and adorable.  It's burning hot here at 97 degrees with very stuffy humidity, but there was a small breeze and the water was refreshing and warm. :)  We stayed there for about two hours, until a couple with a kick ass body came.  Oy.  That wasn't so great with the two of us who have inadequate bodies that don't even measure up to washboard abs and a flat stomach.  We had to get out of there!! :) 

I am happy to report that I got a nice tan, on the skin that already had the self tanning lotion on it.  The skin that was still pasty white (like the very tippy tops of my legs that my shorts cover) got a burn.  Although, the burn doesn't look that bad at all! It kind of looks like a reddish tan. HA!

Since we are geeks from probably the only place that does NOT have a Sonic, we stopped at the Sonic that we saw near our hotel.   We were way too amused that they had drive ins...for real.  It was just too amusing for us.  And their sandwiches are just AMAZING and so unique. I was in love with that food.  I HAVE to find a Sonic near me now.  (Note to self: DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO JUNK FOOD. DIET WHEN YOU GET BACK!) lol

We had such a great day and have more of a great day to come.  I'm going to be sad when our little vacation is over tomorrow and we're headed home, but I miss my girls.  Here's a video that my mom took of my two lovies in the pool today.  I can't wait to go swimming with them when I get home.  I can't wait to hug and squeeze and kiss my little girls. :)